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Rural Childcare


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Measure 3.4 Basic Services

Private Sector, Social Economy Enterprises, Community-based (not for profit) Organisations, Local Councils & Non Departmental Public Bodies

 (Access to Services)        Childcare                                                                               

What will this Measure do?

This Measure offers new and existing businesses/organisations/groups an opportunity to develop, promote or expand basic rural services.

It offers service providers and communities an opportunity to develop innovative, tailor made solutions that meets service provision needs at a local level. 

Proposed services must be additional to current activities and must be sustainable after the funding period expires.  Please note that the delivery of training programmes is ineligible. 


To improve the access to and provision of rural services.

Who can benefit?

Applications are invited from the private sector, social economy sector, public bodies and community-based (not for profit) organisations.

What type of projects can be supported?

Contact Project Officer for advice on eligibility. 

Examples of projects could include:

  • Projects providing access to any additional or new services.
  • Sharing of equipment and premises in order to deliver value for money services.
  • Better or multiple usage of existing or new community buildings or other public facilities in providing access to a wide range of services e.g. housing a number of key services such as Childcare; Youth provision; healthcare; training; IT; library; community shop; pharmacy or other service provisions in the one building.
  • Pilot projects which can clearly show sustainability after the funding period has ended.
  • Research to identify the basic service needs of isolated rural communities.


Maximum grant per PRIVATE SECTOR applicant is £50,000

(Grant-aid @ 50% eligible costs)


                                 Maximum grant for Social Economy Enterprises, Community-based organisations, Local Councils & Non Departmental Public Bodies applicant is £250,000

(Grant-aid @ 75% eligible costs)


Please note:  Funding will be awarded on merit through a competitive process.

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