Understanding What a Chartered Surveyor Does & How It Can Help You

A chartered surveyor will cover a wide range of needs for those who are looking to buy or sell a property. Some of the areas that a surveyor will cover are as follows:

Many people will use a local surveyor for home and business means.

Understanding property surveyors

RICs Chartered Surveyors in London

If you need an experienced and specialist surveyor in London, we recommend using Foundation Surveyors. They are an independent agency and all surveyors are RIC registered, so you will have peace of mind of thorough and concise results. See their website foundationsurveyors.com.

They have been rated excellent for customer service, which is due to their attention to detail, communication and high levels of care for their clients. Call 020 8133 9517 for advice.

Let the experts take control and tell you about the state of a property, value and other aspects that will make selling or buying a property much easier than before.

Assisting with planning applications

Many home owners/commercial property owners feel the need to convert their property into something amazing and planning permission will need to be accepted for things to take place. A surveyor has the ability to help with organising all relevant paperwork that will be submitted to the local authority.

Condition surveys with photography

We have heard of the stories of where people leave a property after a lease is up and being charged a huge amount for damage that may not have been caused by them. The best way of avoiding these charges is contacting a surveyor and asking for a photographic condition survey. This will show the true condition of the building prior to the lease being agreed. Find out more about renting/leasing.

Professional surveyors are able to meet complex economic, social and environmental challenges, creating more value for the world’s most notorious assets.

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