Organise Your Kitchen with Ease Using These Top Tips

When you’re busy and you have a toddler running around the house, the kitchen needs to be organised. I hate not being able to find anything, or the opposite not having anywhere to put anything.

I like to try to keep our kitchen as organised as possible so it’s easier to prepare meals and safer for the kids. Now and then I try to clear up, rearranging the cupboards and finding places for anything that lying around on the worktops.

If you want to get your kitchen in order, here are some of my favourite ways to do it.

Sort Your Cupboards

The first thing I like to have organised is the kitchen cupboards.

It’s all too easy to shove everything in and close the doors. After all, you don’t have to look at it until you need something. But then when you do need something, you then can’t find it.

Although, you can find something you should have thrown out months ago. I like to have regular sort through our cupboards to get rid of anything old and straighten things out. You don’t need to have a complicated system, but it helps to give each cupboard a purpose.

One can be for fruit and vegetables, another for dry goods, and one for naughty snacks. See the best kitchen cupboards.

Give All Your Appliances a Home

If you have a few different kitchen appliances, you don’t always have room for them all on the work surfaces.

You need to have room to prepare food, so you can’t have your mixer, bread maker, juicer and fryer all sat out all the time. Pick the ones you use most to have out all the time.

That’s probably your kettle, toaster and perhaps a coffee machine or blender. Leave a space for getting out other appliances so you can switch them around, and find somewhere to store them.

When purchasing new appliances, such as a dishwasher, you may need a plumber to fit this for you. This is because they will have to connect your new appliance to water mains and ensure that it works properly.

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Put Everything in Containers

Have you got little items that just float around? Or maybe food such as pasta or rice that starts falling out of the packet as soon as you open it? I think everything in the kitchen needs a home, and preferably in a container, rack or on a shelf that will keep them in place. Click here for the best dry food containers.

Spice jars can be particularly annoying too, especially if you have a lot of them. Instead of having them rolling around in a cupboard, make sure you have a nice spice rack so you can organise them.

Take a look at other ways of improving your home and eventually adding value.

Give your kitchen the light it deserves.