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Financial Statements for the Year ended 31 March 2011

Financial Statements for the Year ended 31 March 2011

SWARD programme surpasses its millionth milestone

It was revealed today that the small business and farm diversification economy in four District Council areas has been boosted by over £1 million grant aid in the last eighteen months through the SWARD programme.

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Programme Update

SWARD Programme Update (31/01/11)

The social and economic infrastructure of the Rural communities throughout SWARD continue to be supported across the six programme Measures. To date:

  • In excess of 930 applications have been received and approximately 234 projects have been approved with an approximate value of £9.6m,
  • 158 Letters of Offer with an approximate value of £6.1m have been issued,
  • Approximately £1.08m of expenditure has been incurred to date in rural communities throughout the Cluster

Measure 3.1. (Farm Diversification) and Measure 3.2 (Business Enterprise)

Two calls have been made for both measures.  Applications under the second call which closed on 30/06/10, are under assessment.   A significant number of projects under this measure are underway or complete.

Measure 3.3 (Tourism) and Measure 3.4 (Basic Services)

Two calls have been made for both measures. The second call for each measure closed on Friday 28th January 2011.  For eligible applications, a range of pre-site visit information is being requested by early March 2011.  A number of projects approved under the first call are underway or have recently commenced.

Measure 3.5 (Village Renewal)

Under phase 1 of the Measure, 31 settlements were identified for support to develop Integrated Village Plans. Under Phase 2 a number of organisations have been approved to develop Integrated Village Plans across each district in the Cluster.  All plans are expected to be completed by July 2011.

Measure 3.6 (Culture/Heritage)

One call has been made under this measure.  All applications have been assessed and approval is subject to the availability of funding.

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