Home improvement ideas that add value to your property

If you’re looking for ways to improve your home without putting yourself out of pocket, then you have come to the right place. All of the ideas listed below are considered affordable in the property development world, but the most important bit, is finding what ones add the most value to a property.

Of course all of these renovations take a lot of time, effort and rubbish. We recommend clearing waste away per room, rather than gathering one, large mess. Let a waste expert take over and remove your rubbish for you. Just contact them, inform them of what needs removing and they will be able to give you a quote. A certified rubbish clearance company will ensure all waste is disposed of in a environmentally friendly manner and will aim to recycle 100% of all things collected. See: House Clearances in London

You may even be able to get a same day slot.

Turn your ideas into a reality with an extension

There are various types of extensions, including double storey, garage and loft extensions. The cost of an extension does depend on the type and style you want, therefore affecting the amount added to your property value. See more.

An extension that has been completed to a high standard with extra good sized rooms can be a major selling point and you can enjoy it for many years after.

Typically, an extension can add around 10% to the overall value. Most extensions are built with a flat roof which are typically installed by a local roofer. For projects based in Saxmundham, Suffolk SWARD uses ELC Roofing Ltd. But, we often have developments in Saffron Walden too and for this we use SWRS. Find out about them.

New Boiler Installation

Whilst replacing an old boiler can be expensive, the benefits of a new boiler certainly outweigh the initial cost.

Having more of an efficient boiler can make a huge difference to your bills. Most new, quality boilers are A rated, meaning their efficiency is 90%+. A more efficient boiler could save you hundreds of pounds every year. View more information.

In addition to this, you will experience improved heating control. A heating controller and room thermostat allows you to control the temperate in each room, meaning you don’t have to waste energy heating a room nobody is present in.

Gate installations

Have you ever considered automatic gates?

Erreka is leading UK based company that supplies things such as Composite Gates, Swing Gate, Sliding Gate Openers and many more. These are equipped with the advanced security and control systems that are really efficient.

If you are planning to install any type of automatic doors or gates it would be useful to search more about them and look at their services.

 Start building your dream kitchen

A kitchen is often to the focal point in any home and resembles the owners taste, personality and style. When selling a property, the kitchen is the first thing that the buyer will look into to replace so if you already have a kitchen that is aesthetically appealing, spacious and inviting, then they may be willing to pay more for the house. Click here.

Latest changes to kitchen improvements include open plan living with the kitchen, dining and living room space. This is seen as modern, connecting and natural. On average, it costs around £6,000 for a new kitchen, but can add 6% onto the value.

A new paint job

Painting the exterior of your house holds many benefits, both aesthetically and for functional purposes. If you are looking for a home upgrade, we recommend hiring a professional to paint your house.

Not only does it improve the aesthetic of the house, but can also increase the value of your property. A recent exterior paint touch up has said to create a return of around 141%.

Adding style & safety to your kitchen

The risk of fire is possible in any building, and is even more likely in a kitchen. A way to get around this is by having an access hatch roof light installed. Electronic opening rooflights are used to aid smoke clearance. In addition to this, this style of rooflight gives you instant access to your roof area. Continue reading.