How to make your home as environmentally friendly as possible

Recycle wherever possible

Find out how to recycle your old, unwanted items:

  • use old floorboards to make a compost bin or to create raised beds in your garden or allotment
  • reuse old carpet in the garden for controlling weeds or keeping your compost bin warm
  • instead of throwing away your old furniture, try donating it to a charity shop, selling it on an online auction website or recycling it

You can only buy, sell or give away second-hand upholstered (padded) furniture, like sofas, if it has the original permanent fire safety label attached. Otherwise, it might not meet fire safety standards. Find out more.


Choose wooden furniture

When choosing wooden furniture, you choose find a company who is a leading importer and distributor of timber and timber based products.

  • Worktops – kitchen and bathroom, laminate, solid surface and solid wood
  • Flooring – bamboo, laminate, plywood and oak stained flooring
  • Decorative panels – melamine faced chipboard, veneered MDF and pine board
  • Plywood – a variety including moisture resistant, flame retardant and marine
  • MDF – a wide range including zero formaldehyde and fire rated
  • Softwood – a large range of sizes and species including Douglas fir and Western Red Cedar
  • Boards – OSB, hardboard, chipboard and block board

There are many companies that specialise in the importation of timber products from environmentally friendly, sustainable sources. Check their accreditations and see if they are licensed to supply FSC and PEFC products.

Do some research to see if they are members of relevant trade associations which will ensure that you are receiving quality products.

Wooden furniture