How can you avoid Asbestos Exposure and Poisoning?


Asbestos cannot be found simply by looking at the floor or ceiling.

You will need to bring in a professional when it comes to confirming if there are asbestos and asbestos exposure prevention.

There are a number of asbestos removal firms who are fully licensed and accredited by relevant health organisations when it comes to removing asbestos from properties.

They are fully capable of assessing for asbestos in your home and removing any traces of asbestos from your home safely without threatening your long-term health.

What you shouldn’t do to Prevent Asbestos

Materials used may have a label that indicates it contains asbestos. You should never attempt to disturb asbestos alone. What does asbestos look like?

If you’re fully aware that there are materials or you suspect materials that contain asbestos, you should never:

  • Drill
  • Break
  • Saw
  • Move
  • Hammer

By doing any of these things, you can disturb its structure and leave the fibres exposed for you to inhale. This can cause a number of long-term health issues that include asbestosis and mesothelioma.

By hiring a professional asbestos removal company, they can safely take a sample of the material to assess it for asbestos.

You should never attempt to take a sample yourself.

If there is asbestos, they can begin to prepare your property for asbestos removal as soon as possible. When planning an extension or loft conversion, you should always get a professional in to assess the materials before inadvertently causing asbestos poisoning and exposure. Read more from Sward.