Getting to know the basics of buying, selling or renting a residental property

Buying a new home can be very exciting however we appreciate that it can also be a worrying time. Ward & Co Property will advise you on how you can make your conveyancing process as quick, efficient and as hassle-free as possible using the very latest in case management technology.

We understand the importance of working closely with estate agents and other solicitors to ensure open channels of communication between all parties. We also recommend hiring a buyer’s agent who can make sure you are getting the best deal for your budget.

Typical procedure for buying:

  • Contact an estate agent for an appointment
    • Contact Mortgage Broker/Building Society to arrange any necessary mortgage
    • Get estimates for any works recommended by your surveyor

Looking to rent a property?

More and more people are opting for the renting route rather than buying a property. This can be due to many factors, but work and family situations are some of the most apparent.

Questions. Questions must be asked before you decide to rent a property. Below are some of the most necessary questions to ask the landlord or letting agency. For residential letting down in the South Coast, click here.

  1. Does your deposit have protection?
  2. How long is the tenancy for?
  3. Check if there are rules about pets, smoking and children
  4. Who is responsible for utility bills such as electricity and gas

Renting a property in Bournemouth

Selling residential property

Selling your property is something that is exciting, but it is something that should be put into the hands of a professional, so they can deal with all the legal factors. An estate agent will be able to handle the legal side of things, which you can sit back and relax. Add value to your property here.

Once the hard bit is out of the way, the viewing will commence. However, it is likely that viewers will make their minds up about the property within the first minute of being there, so first impressions are imperative in this process.

Aim for a tidy, bright and clean home. It can really surprise some home owners how effective this little bit of difference can make.