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SWARD - South West Action for Rural Development
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Rural Development Strategy Executive Summary

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Rural Development Strategy Executive Summary

SWARD was established in late 2008 as one of seven local clusters to deliver Axis 3 of the NI Rural Deveopment Programme 2007-2013.

It was designed to address the rural needs of the four District Councils of Cookstown, Dungannon & South Tyrone, Fermanagh and Magherafelt and bring benefit to the 134,000+ rural people who live there.

At the local level, the programme was strategically delivered by a Joint Council Committee (JCC) representing all four Councils and implemented by a Local Action Group (LAG) comprised of local Councillors and Social Partner representatives. Together the JCC and LAG were responsible for administering £20.5million of funding in the South West Cluster areas.

SWARDS's strategic vision was "to work in partnership to bring about positive change to the rural areas of Cookstown, Dungannon, Fermanagh and Magherafelt by supporting and implementing regeneration initiatives that meet local need".


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